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Unlocking the Goldmine of Organizational Memory

Author: Prakash Vyas


Every interaction with customers and prospects is a learning opportunity. It’s where we gather insights, refine our approaches, and ultimately, make our organization better. These invaluable observations become part of the organizational memory, the ever-growing body of data, information and knowledge that every company collects. Often, new information is transformed into organizational best practices, which can be tailored to our unique strengths, values, and our deep understanding of customers and the market we serve.


This unique understanding is pure gold. It’s the feedback from our customers, the wisdom gleaned from successful endeavors, and the lessons from our setbacks that keep us focused and efficient. Without actively nurturing this wealth of knowledge, businesses are bound to falter and will not benefit from core knowledge progression. 


Knowledge: Use It or Lose It.

How do you cultivate and retain this treasure trove of organizational memory? The typical approach involves manual efforts like retrospectives and compiling materials for team enablement. However, did you know that if knowledge isn’t applied, it quickly starts to fade? The Forgetting Curve, as it’s aptly named, shows that organizational memory diminishes by a whopping 75% within just six days of disuse. This explains why so much valuable information often goes to waste—disconnected from the point of practice.


The true worth of your organizational knowledge lies in its application. It directly affects the retention of your company’s interactions and what sets you apart as special and exceptional. If these insights aren’t applied and reinforced effectively, they risk being confined to the minds of a select few instead of permeating your entire organization.


Aligning. Sharing. Growing.

At Skillibrium, we recognize the significance of this challenge. We bring coaching and best practices to the point of action. But we don’t stop there. Our extensive experience has taught us three additional crucial factors:

  1. Establishing a common baseline is key. It’s not solely about sales; it extends to all customer-facing roles and those influencing customer experience. Establishing how best practices are implemented and measuring this through data analytics creates transparency and predictability. This empowers teams to enhance their skills and collectively elevate their organization’s performance in a logical and defensible manner. 
  2. Accessibility is paramount. Everyone should have easy access to a repository of best practices. When these insights are buried in PDFs, presentations, or forgotten in A4 paper folders, they lose their potency. What’s read once is often quickly forgotten or misplaced.
  3. Organizational knowledge isn’t confined to sales alone. A clear definition of roles and responsibilities, harmonized globally, is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, such definitions often reside solely in HR systems, out of sync with field expectations and experiences.


Get stronger, faster.

Skillibrium is built on a comprehensive model that tackles these challenges head-on, continuously and collaboratively. We gauge the impact of our platform through a value assessment, offering a snapshot of where you are now and where you aspire to be. Using Skillibrium, we map out a journey that delivers results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional approaches.


So, why wait? Start today and embark on the journey to build and strengthen your organizational memory by coaching on cadence to a role-specific skills baseline that will elevate your customers experience. Grow together.


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