Introducing Skillibrium 2.0. Get to know Execute.

Skillibrium Launches Execute to Transform GTM Team Efficiency

Skillibrium Launches Execute: Transforming GTM Team Efficiency and Customer Success


NEWS PROVIDED BY Skillibrium 11 Apr, 2024


Achieve Rapid Business Growth with Sales Playbooks


ATLANTAApr. 11, 2024Today, Skillibrium introduces Execute, an innovative, methodology-agnostic module to improve the effectiveness of sales and Go-To-Market (GTM) teams. An integral part of Skillibrium 2.0, Execute offers out-of-the-box templates and frameworks, enhancing collaboration and driving better outcomes. This second major release of the Skillibrium platform builds on the success of the coaching capabilities delivered last year.

According to Gartner, despite heavy investments by sales organizations, 77% of sellers struggle to complete their assigned tasks efficiently.

“The organizations we help suffer from the same challenges,” said Bart Fanelli, CEO and Co-Founder of Skillibrium. “Content ends up stuck in silos because go-to-market teams are too busy to centralize their learnings. This leads to inefficiency with constant context switching to complete tasks. The cycle has to be broken, but sales and customer buying processes are almost always captured in written form and buried in call recordings. They lack the automation to bring guidance to the user when and where it is needed, and are completely separated from learning reinforcement.” 

Skillibrium Execute provides a unified experience for team engagement and streamlined GTM processes. Through automation and data sharing, and by leveraging Cortex|ai – the Skillibrium GenAI engine – teams can optimize performance in real-time.  When performance issues surface, Skillibrium has the unique ability to initiate coaching and immediately begin a remediation plan.

Data-driven insights are at the core of Execute, based on a simple sales playbook framework. Skillibrium consolidates interactions and outcomes into a live client book, serving as a source of truth for decision-making; teams can capture and use data more effectively, leading to increased customer satisfaction and long-term success. 


Unlike legacy GTM platforms, Skillibrium can be implemented affordably in minutes, without any integration costs, and comes preloaded with templates anyone can use. Here’s how it works:

  • Departments (Revenue, Operations, Enablement, HR, or L&D) activate a sales process in minutes using out-of-the-box templates (Sales Playbooks).
  • Sales Playbooks align teams on GTM strategy and can be tailored so that sellers ask questions that will differentiate solutions from competitors.
  • Simplified account and opportunity management capabilities build predictable revenue growth and can be integrated with your existing CRM.
  • A Sales Playbook is applied to an opportunity based on the transaction type or customer segment.
  • With Cortex|ai discovery content is converted into customer-ready content within minutes.


“We see repeatability as the key to success,” said Nicholas Pletts, Managing Director, Amalfi Outsourcing. “With the Skillibirum platform, our agents can ramp quickly and managers are able to establish a consistent coaching cadence. This not only helps grow our new business, but also improves our overall customer experience.”


To learn more about Execute and try the platform, visit


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