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Sales Kickoff? More Like Skills Kickoff

Approaching the new year means just one thing —Sales Kickoff (SKO) season is quickly approaching. 


If you are behind the scenes of a SKO (or your company may have it structured as a Field Kickoff, Revenue Kickoff or Employee Kickoff), you’re likely currently in the throes of details like theme selections, agenda development, travel arrangements – the list goes on and on. All of these details add up to an event that not only shares your company’s goals and initiatives across departments but is the official start of training your sales reps in the skills they need to succeed in the coming year. Ultimately, all this hard work has one common driver — helping to increase revenue and growth for your company. 


But once your annual kickoff is over, what is the next phase of your plan for the sales team in their development and training? Most likely, this could mean a different department takes the reins on those needs. But who and what can help bridge that gap between initial learnings and 

making them transferable to real-world practice? 


And how exactly do you turn your Kickoff into a Skills Kickoff? 


Creating Thrill for Skills

The annual kickoff is often synonymous with Sales teams, given their primary role is to sell. Sales teams already face a daunting workload, juggling numerous responsibilities such as back-to-back meetings, client calls, and the seemingly never-ending administrative tasks. Amidst the chaos, they acknowledge that they don’t receive enough training and lack basic sales skills, including those covered in an annual kickoff. The challenge then becomes how to provide the necessary training without detracting from their core responsibilities, especially when every individual’s skills and knowledge vary.


We know retention reigns supreme and without retention, any type of training (in-person or digital) is lost within a matter of days. If your sales representatives don’t feel they are learning and growing in your organization, you run the risk of losing upwards of 60% of your entire workforce within just four years.


Kickoffs exude excitement and engagement! This makes it a prime opportunity to build enthusiasm around the acquisition of new skills and advancing careers. As an example, for 

your 2024 Sales Kickoff, build the thrill around the keynote topics the audience is looking for – technology, motivation, soft skills, leadership, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).


It’s worth noting that a majority of employees, 65%, recognize that the quality of training and learning opportunities positively impacts their engagement, underscoring how important investing in effective training programs really is.


Supporting Your 2024 Skills Kickoff

Skillbrium offers a customizable platform tailored for go-to-market teams that identifies strengths and weaknesses, fosters communication, and maps critical relationships within your team. It helps you immediately understand each team member’s skills and abilities, which will enhance your kickoff preparation, engagement as well as the necessary ongoing training effectiveness. After your kickoff, Skillibrium’s role-specific content and templates ensure you maintain your momentum, reinforce coaching, and align performance with annual training, preventing vital learnings from being lost.

Elevate your kickoff to be a true Skills Kickoff. Keep your sales team focused on selling. Grow together.


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