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Reach new levels of performance for your go-to-market team with our unique skill enrichment platform. We help leaders across the sales cycle build better alignment by tracking specific abilities and individual willingness to improve.

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Mobilize your teams

Our low-cost solution allows leaders to quickly:

Define success
Set the right goals and strategies for achieving sustained growth.
Create a baseline
Assess current states for skills, knowledge and willingness to improve
Find paths forward
Help maintain public action plans that hold teams accountable

Establish a repeatable coaching culture

We make coaching easy at every step:
User Management
Manage an individual team, a larger group or collaborate with others
Customizable willing and able templates with action plans or remediation
Task creation for specific methodologies with out-of-the-box readiness
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Align your pre-sales, sales and post-sales strategies​

With most go-to-market approaches, organizations often succeed in the short-term at the expense of consistent, long-term growth. At Skillibrium, we believe this problem results from a number of common, yet solvable, issues:

  • Cross-functional communication can prove difficult. Sales and go-to-market teams suffer from a lack of collaboration between themselves and other stakeholders elsewhere in the process. If a go-to-market team doesn’t have constant connectivity and understand exactly what is expected of them, they’re going to underperform.

  • Generic coaching approaches. Most coaching is generalized. There aren’t many systems today that provide templates for delivering coaching in-context, meaning you’re not coaching to a specific set of skills and abilities or gauging the willingness to learn and be successful.

  • Fragmented technologies. Pre-sales, post-sales and sales directors often come into an organization with the desire to coach their teams to a consistent process and outcome. However, overly fragmented systems can present a significant challenge. The landscape of technology solutions is very noisy – with each point solution requiring effort to select, purchase, implement, integrate and adopt.
Support a higher performing, cross-functional process

Skillibrium can help address the problems faced in people management. 

Skillibrium is the only simplified coaching solution that conforms to any framework or methodology. For sales and go-to-market leaders, we:

  • Deliver out-of-the-box templates and frameworks already embedded within the platform
  • Are equipped for both small teams of up to 10 people and enterprise-level organizations – along with anything in between
  • Keep your cost low, with no need for a long purchase cycle, and our product can be purchased without reimbursement
  • Help you pinpoint skill and willingness gaps within your team
  • Provide a quick, easy and transparent way to measure performance, with a quarter-over-quarter visual representation of improvement
  • Allow you to “inspect what you expect” as frequently as you want
  • Reinforce your sales methodology with ready-to-use templates of the top existing sales methodologies, or create your own template

For sales representatives and other GTM team members, Skillibrium:

  • Showcases your hard work in one place
  • Documents interactions with your sales leaders
  • Provides a history of your ratings, making it easier to plan for improvement and calibrate with your leader before ratings are finalized
  • Provides easy options for self assessments
  • Allows you to satisfy a requirement from your leader
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Revenue and operations also enjoy benefits

It’s common in many organizations that sales and technical enablement teams are positioned to help, but training budgets are under a lot of scrutiny. As a result, other issues come into play:

Training budgets are trending smaller

Any organization, regardless of size, has teams of C-suite and senior-level leadership tasked with determining what’s expected of GTM teams – and the strategies they’ll implement to get there. They also need to prove value to the organization along the way. Typically Enablement, Operations, and Marketing teams sponsor a sales kickoff in Q1 that not only provides valuable training for GTM employees but also delivers tangible value they can point back to through the end of the fiscal year. When times are flush, these events can be high production, expensive, week-long motivational events at large venues with pricy entertainment options. When budgets are tight or times uncertain, the budgets are scaled back.

Lack of ROI on training investments

From the CEO and the board to GTM employees and everyone in between, including HR, management and other members of the ELT, leadership is tasked with answering to a myriad of internal stakeholders, all in search of different values, or “outputs,” from the same “input.” The CFO, for example, is likely asking, “what’s the value of our investment in sales kickoffs and training?” HR may say, “how does sales kickoff and training create high-performing GTM teams that stay engaged?” Regardless of the question, the answer to the value derived is the same: without reinforcement, there is none.

Leverage reinforcement to deliver and demonstrate value
Tailored coaching and training can bring fast ROI to almost any organization. For Operations, Enablement and Revenue leaders, Skillibrium:
  • Provides unified frameworks that can be leveraged and customized across roles to enable reinforcement throughout the organization
  • Optimizes leadership and development – along with the tools, curriculums and learnings they’re tasked with creating – through reinforcement
  • Proves and adds value to sales kickoffs and trainings by enabling continuous reinforcement
  • Helps educate HR on why trainings matter
  • Helps demonstrate all the way to the top – from the CEO to the board – why and how trainings add value
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Bring value to a company's most important investment - it's people

When it comes to navigating the challenges of human resources, many organizations suffer from common problems. These problems include:

Reactive Programs

From finding fewer employees at their office desks during the typical 9 to 5 to “quiet quitting” on the rise, the shift to hybrid working has made it more difficult than ever for HR and L&D to take a proactive approach. Performance reviews are largely still annual events at best, tied to bonuses and standardized career trajectories rather than agility and customizability by role. At worst, reviews are conducted only once a problem is identified, and by then, it’s often too late.

Restrictive Platform

Today’s HRIS performance and coaching platforms are too restrictive. They take months to define and roll out. This results in high performers being overlooked and quiet quitters threatening an organization’s bottom line. Individual first line leaders and GTM functions become frustrated that performance assessments don’t fit well for quota carrying roles.


At the same time, a lack of communication between HR systems and sales/GTM team platforms makes it nearly impossible to map more qualitative, HR-focused performance indicators (i.e., coachability/willingness to learn, feedback from management, self assessments, etc.) against more quantitative, sales-focused ones (i.e., KPIs, sales performance, etc.). For HR departments – especially those at organizations with hundreds to thousands of GTM employees – isolation from sales teams is pushing them deeper into a pattern of reactivity.

The benefits for L&D and HR are many
  • Delivers a quick, easy and transparent way to perform reviews
  • Proactively helps identify quiet quitters and top performers – and who is/is not coachable – enabling cross-promotion and intervention before it’s too late
  • Offers performance evaluation and reviews that’s collaborative between HR and management
  • Enables more frequent documentation of performance and defensibility on performance improvement plans/separating employees
  • Measures onboarding skills
  • Simply reinforces learning and development curriculums in a way that’s customizable


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