Introducing Skillibrium 2.0. Get to know Execute.

Execute with
Accuracy Speed Alignment

Accelerate sales cycles and save time so your customer-facing roles can focus on meaningful one-on-one customer interactions.


Activate your teams

Our customizable platform is built to work with your business:

Methodology agnostic
Choose from out-of-the box templates, including accelerators for industry best practices, sales process stages, and playbooks. Data is harvested based on your unique sales process framework and it's reused throughout the entire customer lifetime.
Unique to your business
Develop account and opportunity strategies within Skillibrium based on data harvested from digital customer interactions. Skillibrium lets you build playbooks that are flexible enough to fit the unique solution you are selling and structured enough to help you create repeatable success.
Support the customer lifecycle
Playbooks support a LAER framework to land deals, drive technology adoption, and expand and renew existing accounts leading to strong Net Retention (NRR) for organizations using Skillibrium.

Execute a GTM Strategy

Our customizable platform is built to work with your processes:

Playbook Orchestration
Create a robust sales playbook, outlining the orchestrated set of steps that are important for your business – from opportunity ideation to contract, with guided sequencing of best practice.
Discovery Management
Aid your sellers in documenting the information they collect during discovery – with Skillibrium Cortex|ai assistance saving them time in capturing the responses. Guide them to ask questions in a structured way that differentiates your solution.
Client-Ready Outputs
Skillibrium uniquely captures interactions and discovery responses from the playbook steps into a live client book, creating a single source of the truth in real-time

Reduce deal cycle

Significantly reduce overhead and wastage through playbook orchestration

Continuous Improvement

Increase sales velocity through improvement in skills and process

Remove overhead and wastage

Activate your playbook in minutes using out of the box templates. Frictionless setup.


Create Digital
Sales Playbooks

Automate your unique sales process by building and customizing sales playbooks. Follow a simple workflow based on LAER (Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew) and the SaaS Tech customer experience lifecycle

Speed up

Load value-specific discovery questions into the playbooks. Surface questions and value prompters that sellers, pre-sellers, and post-sellers should use during the sales process.


Build Comprehensive
Clientbooks with AI

Convert great discovery into customer-ready content within minutes using Skillibrium Cortex|ai. Reps simply need to review and determine what content to hide or share     

Follow Guided

Guide sellers, pre-sellers, and post-sellers with scripted value messaging, questions, progress indicators, and clear leader feedback


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